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Comparison of the location of the truncation of lenses with cylinder at axes 90 and 180 degrees showed no significant difference using matched pair analysis, nor was cylinder power found to effect truncation location. canada goose outlet However, analysis of the incidence of acceptable location (truncation within 25 degrees of the horizontal) showed significantly more acceptable locations for those toric lenses with the cylinder at axis 90 degrees (against-the-rule). cheap uggs canada A significant product moment correlation between the amount of mislocation of the axis and blink-initiated rotation was found. Factorial analysis yielded eight factors (attractiveness, strength, joy, bad health/weakness, flexibility, body efficacy, nervousness, peuterey canada and masculinity) and explained 56.6% of the total variance. The internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha) of the items assigned to each of the eight MBIQD subscales was high and satisfactory (from 0.71 to 0.89). canada goose outlet The second aim was to identify gender differences within the MBIQD subscales. However, cheap uggs canada the data available is suggestive and does not provide strong evidence as factors such as case mix and the severity of ischemia are unsatisfactorily controlled. peuterey canada At present, the evidence is scarce as to the effect of the severity of the arterial disease. In all comparisons, the groups treated are likely to be dissimilar and mismatched.